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Schedule Timezone: GMT +01:00 Europe/London | Yours Timezone: 
Sunday, 20 April
20:00:00 Philadelphia Phillies at Colorado Rockies
00:00:00 Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
00:00:00 Washington Wizards at Chicago Bulls
00:00:00 Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens
00:30:00 Motorsports Weekend
Monday, 21 April
01:30:00 Tigre vs Boca Juniors
02:30:00 Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets
03:00:00 Countdown to UFC 172
03:00:00 West Coast Customs - Kids Caddy
03:00:00 Los Angeles Kings at San Jose Sharks
04:00:00 Baseball Tonight
05:15:00 Geelong Cats vs Hawthorn Hawks
05:30:00 EPL Sunday Review
06:00:00 Parramatta Eels vs Wests Tigers
06:00:00 Premier League Review
09:00:00 Penrith Panthers vs Gold Coast Titans
09:00:00 Soccer Extra Bank Holiday Special
09:00:00 The Monday View Interactive Show
09:00:00 The Snooker World Championship
11:00:00 WWE Nxt in Italiano
11:15:00 Lleyton Orient vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
11:30:00 British Superbikes Brands Hatch
11:30:00 Mens Barcelona Open
12:00:00 Kick of India Football Show
12:30:00 Dembo vs Bangalore
14:00:00 BPL Goals of the Month
14:30:00 C2K Xtra Time Football Analysis
16:00:00 The Football League Show
17:00:00 Vanderbilt vs Arkansas Baseball
18:00:00 The Snooker World Championship
00:00:00 WWE Raw
Tuesday, 22 April
09:00:00 The Snooker World Championship
09:00:00 The Snooker World Championship
15:00:00 Indian League Highlights
21:00:00 FIFA Football World
22:00:00 WWE Superstars in Italiano
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