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Schedule Timezone: GMT +01:00 Europe/London | Yours Timezone: 
Tuesday, 02 September
00:00:00 US Open
00:00:00 Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays
00:00:00 Cincinnati Reds at Baltimore Orioles - Rain Delay
00:00:00 Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
00:00:00 Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians
00:00:00 New York Mets at Miami Marlins
00:00:00 Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves
Wednesday, 03 September
01:00:00 Cycling Tour Alberta Prologue Calgary Time Trial
01:00:00 Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs
01:00:00 Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros
01:00:00 Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
01:00:00 Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals
01:00:00 Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals
01:30:00 San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies
03:00:00 MLB Whiparound
03:00:00 Baseball Tonight
03:00:00 Seattle Mariners at Oakland Atheltics
03:00:00 Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres
03:00:00 Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Dodgers
03:00:00 WNBA Playoff - Minnesota at Phoenix
03:30:00 Indian Kabbadi League Post Season Show
04:00:00 FIFA Football Magazine
05:00:00 Sports Unlimited Alternative Sports Magazine
05:00:00 Baseball Tonight
07:00:00 The Rugby League Show
08:00:00 Inside the PGA Tour
08:30:00 Zimbabwe vs South Africa ODI
08:30:00 ESPN Kicks - Top Highlights of the Week
09:00:00 Snooker 6-red World Championships
09:30:00 Inside Euro Rally Racing
11:00:00 Mens Volleyball Worlds - Puerto Rico vs USA
12:00:00 Mens Volleyball Worlds - Cuba vs Germany
12:30:00 Basketball World Cup - Phillipines vs Puerto Rico
12:30:00 Basketball World Cup - Australia vs Mexico
14:00:00 Basketball World Cup - Egypt vs Iran
15:00:00 Cycling Vuelta a Espana Stage 11
15:30:00 FootBrazil Magazine
15:30:00 World of Football
16:00:00 US Open
16:30:00 Basketball World Cup - Senegal vs Argentina
17:00:00 Basketball World Cup - Serbia vs Brazil
17:00:00 Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves
17:30:00 Momenti di Golf Rivista
17:30:00 PGA European Tour Weekly Rivista
17:30:00 Total Rugby
18:00:00 Boots N All RL Show
18:30:00 England vs South Africa Womens T20
18:30:00 Pittsburgh at St Louis
18:30:00 Premier League World
19:00:00 Basketball World Cup - Greece vs Croatia
19:00:00 Gaelic Athletic Associaton Review
19:15:00 Czech Republic vs USA - Friendly
19:15:00 Mens Volleyball Worlds - Egypt vs Russia
19:15:00 Mens Volleyball Worlds - Tunisia vs Brazil
19:45:00 Ireland vs Oman - Friendly
19:45:00 Germany vs Argentina - Friendly
20:00:00 England vs Norway - Friendly
20:00:00 Basketball World Cup - Dominican Republic vs USA
20:00:00 Nazionale Piloti F1 v Sky Sport Team calcio carita
21:00:00 NFL On Sky: The Touchdown Season Preview
21:00:00 Basketball World Cup - Spain vs France
21:00:00 Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Dodgers
22:30:00 Racemax Magazine
23:00:00 Americas Pregame
00:00:00 Max Power Racing Magazine
00:00:00 Toronto at Tampa Bay
00:00:00 Toronto FC at Philadelphia Union
00:00:00 Cycling Tour of Alberta - Lethbridge
Thursday, 04 September
01:00:00 Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
01:15:00 Godoy Cruz vs River Plate
02:30:00 Watersports World
08:30:00 Otago vs Canterbury
09:00:00 Snooker 6-red World Championships
10:30:00 Omega European Masters
10:30:00 Roosters vs Rabbitohs
14:30:00 Omega European Masters
15:00:00 Vuelta a Espana Stage 12
17:00:00 US Open
19:00:00 FIFA Futbol Mundial Rivista
20:00:00 St Helens vs Warrington Wolves
21:00:00 PGA Tour Golf
21:00:00 Tour of Alberta Stage 2 Innisfail to Red Deer
22:00:00 Cycling Tour of Alberta - Red Deer
00:00:00 Toronto at Tampa Bay
Friday, 05 September
09:00:00 Snooker 6-red World Championships Semis
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